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January 2023 Client Newsletter Thumbnail

January 2023 Client Newsletter

After a complicated year, the next dawns with new opportunities. Now is the time to think about the new year and plan for action. The start of a year is the right time to work on a dream or two. It is also an excellent time to adjust or refine a financial strategy. As we bid farewell to 2022, we are thinking of you—and we hope this new year brings joy, peace, and happiness to you and all those you love.

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Who Is Your Financial Mentor? Thumbnail

Who Is Your Financial Mentor?

Exploring the value of cultivating a financial mentor, a professional who can guide you and help you develop your financial strategy. How the financial mentor can help an investor, and what role they play in helping an individual make important decisions.

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December Client Newsletter Thumbnail

December Client Newsletter

The Appeal of Low-Risk Investments I have many clients who may be influenced by their parents who lived through the Great Depression or may have lived through at least part of it themselves. They may remember that taking even modest investment risks can bring financial catastrophe. For this reason, many senior clients will be seeking safety of principal and generation of income, not growth, during retirement. A good amount of my older clients frequently say they are not looking for a roller coaster ride. Many are typically looking for a predictable strategy with as much financial confidence as possible.

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Your Guide to Year-End Charitable Giving Thumbnail

Your Guide to Year-End Charitable Giving

Whatever your reason for giving this year, it’s important to know how your charitable contributions can impact your financial plan. In fact, being strategic and intentional in your charitable contributions can create tax benefits for both you and your chosen charity.

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