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April 2022 Client Newsletter Thumbnail

April 2022 Client Newsletter

Reverse Mortgages A reverse mortgage is a means of turning the value of home ownership into cash. All or part of the equity in the home can be converted into cash without having to sell the home or taking on additional monthly bills, as would be the case with taking on a second mortgage. To be eligible for most reverse mortgages, homeowners must be 62 years of age or older.

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March 2022 Client Newsletter Thumbnail

March 2022 Client Newsletter

Are you Considering a Domicile Change? Recently, I met a couple who were both retiring, and asked my thoughts on what state may be best for them. They had no children and wondered what states I had heard many people were leaving and entering. On one hand, they were trying to hedge the risk of higher taxes in the future and on the other, gain feedback from what others have done.

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January 2022 Client Newsletter Thumbnail

January 2022 Client Newsletter

Get Control of Your Finances this Year! Feel like your finances have more control over you than you have over them? Or like you're in a financial hole and just keep sinking? There are ways to take back control of your spending and regain control of your finances. Explore these strategies to work towards a more financially stable future.

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